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Getting Started

Battery Installation

Battery type is CR2032.  For help with installing the battery, go to the video page and watch the battery installation video.  A new battery will last 1 to 3 months.

Install App

The smart sack app is available in the Apple Store and the Google Store.  Search for Smart Sack.

Start (Turning on sack)

The smart sack turns on when it detects a toss.  One foot up in the air should be plenty.

If the app is on then it will connect to the sack and you will see the name of the sack at the top of the app.


The smart sack sends kick and toss data to the app.  The app announces your score.  If the smart sack detects it is still (on the ground or on your desk, etc) or if you hold it for too long, then it resets the score to 0.


The smart sack automatically goes to sleep if no kicks are detected for a while.  No need to do anything else.

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