What's your best score?

Hear your score as you play!

Our Smart Sack detects when the sack is kicked, held, and when it hits the ground.  It connects to our Smart Sack app and as you play, the app announces your score!  When it hits the ground, or you hold it for too long, your score resets to 0. 


Works for solo hacky sack, hacky sack circles, and also for juggling!

After connecting, "Smart Sack" changes to the unique name for your Smart Sack

Kicks this round (without hitting the ground)

Most kicks in a round (since starting app)

Most kicks ever seen in a round

Choose from all the available languages and voices!

Choose your voice. Select from all the available voices in many different languages.


Each smart sack has it's own unique name. After connecting, your smart sack's name is shown at the top of the app.


The app also works in background mode so you can hear your score without having the screen on.

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Smart Sack Details (Technical Specifications)
  • 12 Panels

  • Weight: 56 - 58 grams

  • Diameter: 5.7 - 6.0 centimeters

  • Synthetic Suede

  • Filler: 1 mm plastic beads (no sand, it tends to leak out).  The 1 mm bead size is big enough to not easily leak out but small enough to give a nice smooth feel.

  • Fullness: On the full side.  It's more of a kicking sack rather than a stalling sack.

  • Battery: CR2032 coin cell

  • Battery Life: Up to 3 months.  The sensor turns itself off when not in use and turns on again when a toss is detected.

Package Contents: Battery, Sack, and Sensor (packed in Sack)

A small Philips head screwdriver (not included) is required to install the battery.

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